About us


Elpro Development is part of the Emperia Capital Group (more about Emperia here). It was established in 2014 to construct and manage commercial real estate. Currently, its portfolio includes 87 of its own commercial facilities that support the development of Stokrotka stores.

The company invests in real estate intended for commercial and retail activities. It manages the owned facilities, obtains new localities and conducts property development activities. Its investment strategy provides for concentration on facilities in the form of strip malls and commercial parks.

Modern supermarkets are operating at the majority of shopping centres managed by the Company. Other commercial points are selected in such a way as to satisfy the needs of the local community in the best possible way.

Elpro Development S.A. is intensively extending the scope of its investments in Poland.


Elpro Development acquires attractive land for investment, and then for construction of commercial facilities to let. The Company manages commercial real estate throughout Poland.

The Company is dynamically expanding in the property development sector, keeping in mind its values and taking care of the high value of the services it provides.


  • Professional and comprehensive service
    each of our properties and business projects is managed by an individually selected team, which uses its extensive knowledge and experience as guidance
  • Prospective investments
    while selecting the land for our facilities, we examine and analyse its growth capacity, also considering the plans and strategies of the local authority
  • Reliability and trust
    we care about good long-term relations with all entities cooperating with us in our projects
  • Creative solutions
    we operate in an unorthodox way, and we look for innovative solutions that satisfy our partners
  • Creation of local reality
    we manage our facilities so that they are attractive both for our business partners and for the local community, while keeping its needs in mind


Witold Sarzyński, Prezes Zarządu Elpro Development

Witold Sarzyński
Chairman of the Board

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Graduate of the Faculty of Industry Organisation and Management at the Lublin University of Technology. Holds the title of a Qualified Expert of Commercial Real Estate Market Investments – CCIM Institute, Chicago. Has worked on management boards of property development, construction and production companies.

Since May 2000, he has been connected with the Emperia Capital Group, when he initially took up the position of the Development Director of the Stokrotka Company. In March 2008, he became the Vice-President of the Management Board, while by the end of 2016, he was a member of the Management Board responsible for the development and investments of Stokrotka Sp. z o.o. On 19 January 2017, he was appointed the President of the Management Board of Elpro Development, belonging to the Emperia Group.

Jacek Chęć, Członek Zarządu Elpro Development

Jacek Chęć
Board Member

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Graduate of the Faculty of Management at the Poznań Academy of Economics. Graduate of MBA studies at the University of Minnesota and Warsaw School of Economics.

Connected with the Emperia Capital Group since 1996. A member of the Management Board of Elpro Development S.A. since July 2016.


Dariusz Kalinowski – President of the Supervisory Board
Cezary Baran – Vice-President of the Supervisory Board
Elżbieta Świniarska – Member of the Supervisory Board